I think this is the part where I’m supposed to spill the truth about the girl behind all the photos! First of all, WOW, thank you for making it this far.

Where do I begin? Talking about myself is much harder than taking a picture of my travels and a lot harder than my selfies. But I want you to know me, because by the end of this conversation, you and I will be the greatest digital-friends the world has ever met.

I go by Jocelyn Fotografia around here, but my actual name is Jocelyn Castillo, which translates to ‘Castle’ in English, and yes I’ve been mocked a few times in my life about it. My comeback is that I am an undercover princess. Duh. I gave myself the name when I first got Instagram back in 2011. The reason behind it is very simple actually – in English ‘fotografia’ means photography, and since Instagram was about photos, I figured my username should be Jocelyn’s photos since it is my Instagram feed. When I searched JocelynPhotography it was taken, so I stuck to Spanish instead, because if you haven’t realized it by now, I am Latina and very proud of it.
When I first started my blog back in… well, I’m not quite sure when it was actually but a few years ago, I was in college getting rides from friends to school, because I decided having a car wasn’t necessary. Traveling was far more important a thing for me. Yes you read that right. Today, after much travels and tons of internships I landed the big job for a company that cannot be named doing their marketing for the state of FL.
This is the part where I tell you I am Superman at night and Clark Kent in the mornings, which it sounds crazy, but it is the absolute truth. Although I went to college for a degree I am so proud of, my passion lies here with you.
As for traveling, I can sit here and tell you stories. I have plenty of them. I’ve been traveling since I was in middle school without my parents. It was a trip I earned to Washington D.C by being a nerdy girl. Rediscovered that knot in my stomach on a plane again when I was sixteen on my way to New York with some boy. Realized my life was meant to have that ugly feeling plenty of times,
Because ‘oh the places you'll go... Dr Seuss.

& then there’s Sawyer. My four-leg best friend that will at random show up on my posts, because he loves attention and he loves nothing more than to be with people that pet him. He is the dog that cries for strangers on the side of the road and the dog that plays with humans at a dog park. Where does he get his loving personality you may ask? His mumma duh! If you scroll far enough in my posts, you’ll get to meet Cookie my American Bulldog that passed on to a better dimension somewhere. She was very special to me. She was the first one to bet on me, I know that for sure.

So in a nutshell, I like to take pictures all the time. I discovered a love for fashion I didn’t know I had, because I was not only nerdy growing up, but also wore whatever my mom bought me from Sears. Haha. And there’s nothing that makes me smile like watching friends in my apartment while drinking a cup of jo.

What do you think? Are we friends yet? If so, I’ve decided to work on plan A while doing plan B, and I welcome you to be a part of it.

& with that, I’ll leave you with all the stories on this blog.

Xo, your friend Joss (my actual nickname)