If you’re not feeling like you’re quite there yet, do not worry, self-love takes time. I like to see it as a form of a tree, because we’re forced to water it if we’re hoping to ever see it grow and blossom. I’ve had my fair share of these moments, but I encourage you to take a step back and learn how to practice self-love.

Whenever you’re ready to start… take notes on a few things I’ve myself put to practice over the years.

Start with uncomplicating things and accepting the flaws that you have over your shoulder. Get rid of them if you must. Actually, get rid of them.

Quite a few times we carry so much love in our hearts, we often forget to give some to ourselves. R.Z


The first thing I like to do is to write everything down. AND I MEAN EVERYTHING. Write all the things that prevent you from feeling confident starting with whether or not you’ve reached your goals. If you find yourself without any goals then it’s time to clarify WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS? How do you reach them? Is this long term or short term? You may want to start eating healthier or exercising more…end unhealthy habits…but write everything down, because it helps! I’ve done before in 5 things that make me happy.


They say it’s easier said than done, but focus on things that make you happy like a hobbie. If you’re into makeup and find it as a stress reliever to do yours or someone’s makeup… then do it! If you ever wanted to try out photography, but never got around to it, also do it! If you wanted to start blogging and feel better by connecting with others through your writing… do it! Whatever it is that you want to do, but never got around to it, now is the time. Get to it!


Unplug and unwind. Turn the world off. Put your phone on silent. Disconnect. Being away from what you do on a day-to-day basis to do things on your own is a must. I’ve gone as far as having fancy dinners on my own, and when the waiter asks, “are we waiting on someone?” it feels empowering to say “No, just me.” The world is filled with unlimited amount of information coming in through our spaces from every corner we turn. Sometimes we need to be off and away from it. Give yourself the space from things and people if you must. Don’t neglect your needs, and when possible put yourself first. If you need encouragement, you can read The Alchemist!

Because you matter.

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